Below are links to online videos, trainings and games that can be used to further your knowledge about Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) and how to run a Point of Dispensing (POD). 


The POD Game - A great way to get a feel for what it may be like to work in a POD. 
Note: The examples provide a generic idea of a POD in a fun, learning format.
Advanced POD/Mass Prophylaxis planning tools and training
Medication Labeling Requirement
A good video with a detailed overview of the requirements for
labeling medications given at PODs. Length: 2.5 minutes.
Emergency Use Authorization
This free, online course is one of many trainings offered on CDC TRAIN.  Developed by the Food & Drug Administration, and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Mass Antibiotic Dispensing (MAD) Trainings:

An interactive and engaging training experience! Through a collection of presentations, group activities, and supporting materials, this course will promote ideas, discussion and learning about operating mass medical-countermeasure dispensing sites in a public health emergency.

Intended Audience: Public and Push Partner POD managers, staff & partners involved in mass medical countermeasure dispensing in the seven county Portland metropolitan region of: Clackamas, Clark, Columbia, Multnomah,Skamania, Washington and Yamhill.


Incident Command Structure (ICS) Classes
The ICS is the system that all Emergency Response organizations, including your City/County, function under in an emergency. If you are involved in emergency response for your organization it is helpful to understand the basics of ICS.
Basic ICS:
Introduction to Incident Command System - ICS-100
ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents - ICS-200a
National Incident Management System, An Introduction - IS-700a
Additional Courses:
Introduction to Exercises - ICS-120