Push Partner Registry

Thank you for your interest in the Push Partner Registry (PPR).

Push Partners are companies and organizations that are willing to partner with Public Health during large public health emergencies.  Push Partners can serve a number of vital roles in an emergency.  In a worst case biological terrorism scenario, Push Partners may help get life saving medication, with appropriate guidance from Public Health, to their staff and families.  In events where there is not a medication or in non-public health events, Push Partners may be called upon to assist in sharing information with their staff and clients. 

Push Partners in the Portland metropolitan region include:

Large employers - Private and public organizations with large numbers of staff on centrally located campuses.

Vulnerable population service providers - Organizations which help people who cannot attend (such as residents of long term care facilities or prison inmates) or are unlikely to attend (the homeless population) public health medication distribution sites. Serves employees and their families plus clients in their care.

Planned responders - Organizations with a written or implied role in emergency plans (includes first responders and critical infrastructure agencies).


How to use the tools on this page:

1.  Our "Taking Care of Business" video and Protecting Your Organization During Public Health Emergencies brochure provide a useful overview for your convenience.

2.  If you'd like more information, please see "Dispensing Site Workbook for Businesses" and "Liablity Protection for Public Health Partners".

3.  To begin planning your site's operation, use the "Private POD Planning Workbook". 

4.  Ready to enroll?  Super! Here's the Enrollment Form.


Taking Care of Business Video



Tools for Push Partners:


1) Planning Resources (planning workbook, template plan)

POD Planning Workbook Dispensing Site Workbook for Businesses
Dispensing Site Workbook for Businesses



Liability Protection for Public Health Partners 








 August 10, 2010 - Multnomah County Push Partner Registry (PPR) Orientation:

PPR Orientation/Overview Presentation

NW Natural PPR Presentation