Push Partner Registry (PPR)

Thank you for your interest in the Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) Portland Metropolitan Region's Push Partner Registry (PPR).

Push Partners are community organizations that are willing, able and trained up to the level of responding to a biological terrorist event but they can also be called upon to assist in responses to other hazards. Push Partners in the Portland metropolitan region include:

Large employers - Private and public organizations with large numbers of staff on centrally located campuses.

Vulnerable population service providers - Organizations which help people who cannot attend (such as residents of long term care facilities or prison inmates) or are unlikely to attend (the homeless population) public health medication distribution sites. Serves employees and their families plus clients in their care.

Planned responders - Organizations with a written or implied role in emergency plans (includes first responders and critical infrastructure agencies).


Tools for Becoming a Push Partner:

1.  Our "Taking Care of Business" video (below) and tri-fold brochure provide a useful overview of the program.

2.  If you'd like more information, please see "Protecting Your Employees In Public Health Emergencies", "Liability Protection for Public Health Partners" and the "Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act" video (below).

3.  Ready to enroll? Super! Here's the Enrollment Form.

4.  To begin planning your site's operation, use the "Private POD Planning Workbook".


Educational Videos



Tools for Push Partners:

Employee Notification (pre-event) - One of our push partners used this flyer to let their employees know that the organization had become a Push Partner and to share some tips for getting information in an emergency. 

SWOT Analysis - We know that you may have to "sell" the idea of becoming a Push Partner.  One of the things that might help you is to do a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats (challenges to success) analysis.  We did one with approximately 60 partners from across the nation and looked at six general categories of organization: Community Based Organizations, Private Industry, Faith Based Industries, Universities, Public Health and Federal Partners.  Below are the outcomes from our SWOT analysis and a PowerPoint that gives you more information about the process we used and contains tools to help you do one yourself.

These outcome diagrams have items that were identified as common to all organizations in the middle and unique items in the organization specific bubbles



Outcome from 2009 SWOT Analysis

Conduct a SWOT Analysis


Sample Plan - One of our Push Partners agreed to share their plan.  The Partner is in private industry and this is a good plan.  Although it may not work for everyone, it is a very nice place to start.





For further information email us at PPR@crinorthwest.org